The Circle

Trina Brunk

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The Circle

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"I am finding that the structure of a Circle, when approached with respect, tends to support us in staying aware of our self-responsibility and gives us perspective of ourselves and each other that can help us feel simultaneously more free to be ourselves and bonded with each other. When I sat in council meetings in an intentional community, when I learned the sacred Bulgarian circle dance Paneurhythmy, when I visited the Pueblos and learned of the Kiva, I understood that I’m not the first one to make the observation that we find ourselves whole together in the Circle."

(excerpted from my book, "Closer Than You Think")

This album is dedicated to all those I find myself in circle with, and all those who are cultivating circles elsewhere in the World. May our connections with each other continue to deepen and become richer and stronger, for generations to come.

All songs ℗ ©2019 Trina Brunk, All Rights Reserved Except: Janel Mirendah and Marilyn Keenan contributed lyrics to “Home For The Divine Child; Angel Heart is written by Nicholas Barber; Tune of “Amazing Grace” adapted by William Walker; “Sanctuary” is a traditional Shaker hymn, adapted by the congregation at Unity of Port Townsend; and “Aap Sahaee” is a traditional Gurmukhi mantra, meaning "The Creator has become my protector, the Truest of the True has taken care of me." Har is the primal name / sound of the Creator.

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