SoulPath Music Meditation at Unity of Portland

Unity of Portland, 4525 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215

Join your voice with others and journey to the center of your Being with chants, songs of the soul and group toning. No singing experience necessary, all spiritual paths welcome. Love offering requested, but no one is turned away.

What is Toning?? Have you ever sung "OM" at the beginning or end of a yoga class or a meditation? If there were more people in the room with you, remember how it felt to have the voices of everyone joining to make one greater sound?

Toning is like this, but everyone chooses their own sound; their own pitch, syllable, volume, etc. according to what feels RIGHT to them. They can change the tone at any time as it feels good to do so. Harmonies can happen spontaneously but dissonance can be equally satisfying and beneficial. The desire to remain silent is also perfectly fine as your authentic contribution in a particular moment. The key is to pay attention to what you are feeling and to let your voice carry the feeling you are having into the space, and to feel the way everyone's sounds are coming together into one greater voice.

You might think the result would be potentially chaotic or unpleasant, but in fact it can be magnificent and achingly beautiful, funny, wonderful in many ways. Some people "remember" states they have lost touch with, others have visions, some experience emotional release and integration, and others don't have anything spectacular happen except that it just feels satisfying and fun. It is all fine, all within the scope of what this space is for.

People who have never sung before or who believe that they don't have a beautiful voice often find that the beauty that we all create together (when no one is telling you to shut up or mouth the words) goes way beyond what they would have imagined.

My purpose is to cultivate a safe space for participants to feel at home with their emotional, physical and spiritual selves and to support everyone present to access and share the medicine that is within each human voice: directly experiencing both our profound oneness and our precious uniqueness.