Kind Words


"Trina Brunk’s music has an almost ethereal power” ~ Marianne Williamson, Author and Lecturer 

“Your music is emotionally powerful,  beautiful and inspiring,  infusing the healing power and love of the sacred waters of life into the hearts of all humans!” — Brad, MN 

“Trina’s music is truly inspiring. I find myself waking up to it in my head, and humming it in the shower. It’s not just music, it’s magic. It pushes me to be more, to live more, to love more, to feel more, to reach higher. Thanks Trina!” ~Alicia Adams, Columbia, MO 

“… this music is the crystalline structure of love.”  -Tracy Barnett, journalist 

“Trina Brunk’s music is pure Spirit and her songs are an offering of love and service to humanity. She has the rare gift of allowing herself to be the instrument through which music is created and sung. Trina is a treasure to our spiritual community and a great gift to the world.” ~Rev. Kristin Powell, SoulStream MInistries


“I can’t recommend Trina’s work highly enough. I see it not only breaking through old unconscious patterns in individuals (in the way that my work does) but also at a collective level. And if you attend her groups, she sets the stage to foster deep and authentic connections between people. Trina is truly gifted.”  — Toni Rahman, LCSW, Counselor, Therapist, Mentor, Guadalajara, MX 

I just had a powerful intuitive reading with Trina Brunk. Within minutes, I was in tears because she went right to the core of my concerns and needs. I feel more focused now in what direction to head in, and I feel I have my work cut out for me too  She is well worth working with! – Holly Froeschner, Boulder, CO 

“ . . . The whole time I felt safe, comfortable and supported. One session gave me quite a bit of insight on my journey of healing and growth. I highly recommend working with Trina.” – Jillian Janatka, Columbia MO 

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off. I feel stronger.”  — Claire DuCharme, MO 

“Last year Trina did 5 SoulPath sessions with me and the 5-person team at the nonprofit I manage, Renew Missouri (our mission is to transform Missouri into a leading state in renewable energy & energy efficiency by 2016). 

Her sessions happened during a time of great change and growth at my nonprofit, and although it's probably impossible to scientifically prove cause and effect, I can say that during and after the SoulPath sessions, my nonprofit has raised more money than ever before, our team has gelled and employee retention is at an all- time high. We've grown from feeling like a startup company to more of a grown-up institution, and I'm sure the work we did with Trina Brunk helped springboard that transition. 

Of the 5 sessions we did 2 of them as one-on-sessions with me, which helped me get clear and centered about a lot of things regarding the direction of the nonprofit. Then we did 3 sessions with my whole 5-person team, and those were pretty much individual sessions in a group setting. It was really helpful for us to take a "time-out" from our regular workflow and do the SoulPath work, and it was really helpful to do multiple sessions over a fairly close timeframe (we did our 5 sessions over the course of 6 weeks or so). 

For anyone familiar with Trina's work, I'd suggest talking with her about the possibility of incorporating SoulPath into your workplace or any other team type setting. The work was very valuable to my organization, and I bet it would be for yours too. Thanks Trina!“ PJ Wilson, Columbia MO 

“ I need to tell you that what I've experienced since our meeting has been absolutely  profound. You are a catalyst, milady!” ~ Liz Thomas, Columbia MO 

“Amazed and delighted, once again, by Trina Brunk... I have participated in three SoulPath circles and came away from each one with a new and profoundly deeper sense of myself. Each one was totally different, and each one opened a different door to my hidden self and to my resources for transformational work. I am so excited by the potential, and am thrilled to see a community beginning to form around this work. I can't wait to see where it leads. The possibilities seem endless.” ~ Tracy Barnett 

“Wow........release felt and appreciated after a SoulPath gathering with Trina Brunk ” 

~ Michelle Johnstone

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