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Garden Song

Walk a path of sweetness 
I'm following my bliss 
cultivate a garden 
water it with this 
love within me 
for everything I see 
I am part of everything, 
and everything's a part of me 

All that hurt from the…

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Tuesday: "Last week I was thinking of how so many of my songs were written as a way to call in comfort or courage when I needed it most. These were great, but I realized that I wanted to

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Thunder into Now

The wind and the sound of thunder got me up out of my chair and dashing to close the car windows before the rain hit. Opening the door and stepping out, the sight of the sky nearly took my breath…

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Into the Love I Have For You (video)

Early Monday morning I awoke from a powerful dream that took me a few moments to realize wasn't real.  

In the dream, I had given up on my life and had taken a large dose of seeds from…

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