Thunder into Now

The wind and the sound of thunder got me up out of my chair and dashing to close the car windows before the rain hit. Opening the door and stepping out, the sight of the sky nearly took my breath away. It was around sunset and the dark indigo clouds that passionately surged up and down the sky in great billows were splashed with the most outrageous colors of pink and magenta. Gusts of wind pushed at the doors of my heart and opened up emotions I had been avoiding. The power of it all reached in and my insides were the same as the outsides. 

I walked through the neighborhood and felt the first cool spatters of rain blowing onto my face, cutting through the thick heat of the day. 

Here I am, God. Take me. Take all of me. 

Opening up the hidden places, giving them too. 

Deliberately releasing my grip on old hurts that I don't need any more. 

I had prayed, just a little while ago, for a grief big enough and deep enough to cleanse the old places that held me back from loving and living fully right now. The rain felt like an answer to that prayer.

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