Tuesday: "Last week I was thinking of how so many of my songs were written as a way to call in comfort or courage when I needed it most. These were great, but I realized that I wanted to be ready to sing songs that were more celebratory and joyful, so I prayed for them, and now I can feel the power of that prayer moving me forward, with two new songs on the way. The pressure I'm feeling is so unpleasant and uncomfortable but I feel the life force wanting to make itself known. In a way it feels like giving birth. I find that I need to do something physical to make space for the energy. So I'm going to go swimming with the boys this evening. Hopefully I'll have something really good to share with you soon!" 

Today: "One of the songs is here. I'm so so happy with it. Wow!!! prayer works!!! I'm going to be praying for more than help simply coping now -- how about more outrageously joyful music? how about deeper bonding with my children? How about more concrete examples of how love can change everything?"

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