From the recording Songs for the Path Home

This is a traditional Peruvian song.

English translation:
In your infinite eyes of water
the stars are bathing, mother
water of light, water of stars
Pachamama you come from heaven
Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse the heart, brilliant water
Heal, heal, heal the heart, blessed water
Calm, calm, calm the heart, water from heaven, mother


En tus ojos de agua infinita
se bañan las estrellitas mamá

Agua de luz, agua de estrellas
Pachamama vienes del cielo

Limpia, limpia, limpia corazón, agua brillante
sana, sana , sana corazón, agua bendita
calma, calma, calma corazón, agua del cielo, mamá

Dm F C G C F (2x)
Dm F Am G C Dm (2x)
Dm F C G (3x)