From the recording Songs for the Path Home

This song was inspired by a conversation I witnessed between Cameron Etheridge, who spoke the first line, and David Owens, who responded with the second line. Open mouthed, I sat for a moment and breathed . . . that is a song. And a good one.


was afraid of heights, so I climbed the mountain
I was afraid of the dark, so I turned out the lights
and I sang my song
though my voice was shaking
cause the love that's in me
can see through the night

and I'm willing
to live from my passion
and I'm willing
to breathe through the fear
and I'm willing
to move past resistance
cause there's life here in me
being birthed through the tears

and I'm willing
I am willing
I am willing
I will

and when the morning comes
and the night is over
and everything now seems so easy and clear
well you and I know
what it took us to get here
and we'll never again be ruled by our fears