From the recording Songs for the Path Home

I was driving the kids to Taekwando and overheard Aidan and Elijah in the back seat discussing how when they grew up they would figure out how to put the atom back together.

get it together, adults. here come the new kids.


awaken up sweet dreamers
it's not too late to change the dream
but we need a bigger vision
than that wide format tv screen

so tell your own vision
sing your own songs
healing the fission
finding answers we long for now like

can we put the atom back together
find a way to straighten out the weather
speak to the hearts of ones who cannot change their minds
can we all find healing in these times?
can we bring more healing to these times?

we will rise together
and we will do our part
reach to find the answer in each human heart
and if love is the answer
what are we fighting for?
it's time to scream, wake from this feverish dream,
wake up from this endless war!

awaken up sweet dreamers,
it's not too late to change the dream
you'll find we're not so small in number
when you turn off that TV screen

we're more than just consumers,
we're the voice of the earth
and through these gifts we're given
we're also giving birth
to a new way of being